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Dr. Bob Arnot is an Emmy-award broadcast journalist and author with over 44 years of experience in medicine. He has run an emergency medicine service of nearly 100 hospitals, served as chief medical correspondent for NBC’s Dateline, Today, and Nightly News shows, medical correspondent at CBS News, and continues today to cover the pandemic for a variety of national and international broadcasting platforms from Larry King and Fox to PBS and Al Jazeera. Dr. Arnot has also worked in many disease outbreaks as a medical doctor and a humanitarian board member for Save the Children and the UN High Commission for refugees including cholera during the Rwandan Genocide, Ebola in Uganda, Sleeping Sickness in South Sudan, malaria during the Mozambique foods, HIV/AIDS in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Haiti, and Dengue in Nicaragua. During COVID, he has been collaborating with one of the country’s leading medical centers to bring the latest advances to the medical community and general public.

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